Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Week..

So here we go again! Today I sent out only 2 resumes but I applied for 10 jobs online. Mostly nursing jobs, a couple of customer service jobs too. I am starting about looking into assembling jobs. I have always been blessed and have never had a job like that before but that doesn't mean I am better than that. At this point I would take any job!! For how long? I don't know!


  1. Hang in there!

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping in on my blog, Parenting in Blue Jeans. I added a date night giveaway...sounds like you need the break. Anywy, just wanted to let you know...feel free to pop over and put your name in the hat!

  2. Thanks for following! It means a lot to me. I wish you luck on the job search, and hope you get one of the non-asssembly jobs. I've done it before and it really is hard, tedious work. I hope to never have to do it again. Everything will work out like it should though!!

  3. Thanx for visiting my wee blog. I see your blog is pretty new. I hope its all you hoped it to be. Good luck with the job search! The right thing will come along...