Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am having a hard time with honesty, maybe reality not sure just yet. I don't like where my head is leading me. My heart aches for the joy and excitement of....something I just don't know what that is right now.

How is it that my head and heart can't be together on anything? My head or "reality" keeps leading me down a path that my heart or "honesty" refuses to even try.

Example: I have researched and read about how "health care industry" is growing, booming, thriving because well the baby boomers getting older and all the diseases, duh right?! I tried nursing for 2 years I have diligently pursued a career in nursing. I started climbing the long and tedious ladder of nursing. I have seen and cleaned things that I NEVER thought I would ever have to clean but I made it. As far as jobs goes, I cant find one that makes my heart is really happy.

As far as the job count goes, I have had roughly 7 jobs in the last 2 years none of which obviously worked out. So now here I sit with another decision....what next? Really what do I do next? I have had so many jobs, last count was about 115. No joke. With all the jobs why can't I find one that I love, hell I would settle for half like at this point. So what's next? To be continued....

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